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The Oracle tour

In this tour we visit the sanctuary of god Apollo (the Oracle) which extends on a hilly terrain crossed by the ancient pilgrims' path, the so-called Sacred Way. This two thousand-year-old path leads to the heart of the site, Apollo's temple, where the ritual of oracle-giving used to take place. As we walk to the temple, we have the chance to see several other monuments offered in honor of the divinity, elaborate samples of the ancient Greek art and craftsmanship, while various stops give time to appreciate the beauty and the magic of the natural environment. This tour also comprises the visit to the recently renovated local archaeological museum which houses smaller or bigger treasuries revealed by the archaeological dig in Delphi.

The duration of the tour is 2 hours.


For the passionate about the antiquities of Delphi, the Oracle Tour can be extended with the visit of two more sites only a step away: the Castalia spring which provided to the pilgrims the water for the purification rituals and the sanctuary of the goddess Athena Pronaia with the famous Tholos building.

The duration of the tour is 1 hour.

For kids

The Delphi tour for younger visitors, by stimulating the fantasy and encouraging the participation aims not only to give the spirit of this unique place but also to serve as a fertile introduction to the ancient Greek civilization. Far from a history lesson in the strict sense of the word, this tour brings out the power and the beauty of the ancient remains intertwining myths with reality and gods with mortals, exactly the way the Oracle used to speak..!  In this tour we visit the sanctuary of god Apollo (Oracle) and the archaeological museum of Delphi.

The duration of the tour is 2 hours.

 In the vicinity

The wider region of Delphi (Phokida province) is a land that offers a great variety of things to see and do. Endowed with a magnificent nature, this region combines densely forested mountains with typical mediterranean coastal plains and crystal clear waters. From medieval monasteries (Osios Loukas' monastery - Unesco site) to picturesque seaside little towns (Galaxidi) and ancient hiking trails, choices are really unlimited. So, let me be your guide in your local explorations!



About me

Born in Delphi, Greece, i am an archaeologist and certified tourist guide for English, French and Greek speaking tours. I offer my services at the archaeological site of Delphi, the wider region and the rest of Greece.

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