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The archaeological site of Delphi is located in the prefecture of Fokida, 180 km west of Athens or 118 km from the Rio - Antirio bridge for the traveller reaching Delphi from western Greece. The first impression one has from Delphi, is the beauty of the unspoilt nature, dominated by the impressive mount Parnassos and the vast olive grove that flows from Delphi into the waters of the corinthian gulf some 20 km away.
The excavations at Delphi brought to light one of the most important cult centers of the ancient greek civilization, the famous sanctuary of Apollo also known as the Oracle of Delphi, while the  collection of the modern archaeological museum of Delphi comprises some first-class exhibits. Additionally, you can prolong your stay by visiting the ancient Gymnasium of Delphi as well as the smaller sanctuary of Athena Pronaia with the famous Tholos building, in close proximity to the sanctuary of Apollo.
For your visit at Delphi, you will need at least one and a half hour,    make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes and you carry a water bottle especially during the summer months.
If you are thinking of spending more than a few hours in Delphi,   your choices are really plenty: ancient hiking trails, alternative activities, the notorious among the greeks local cuisine but also hidden gems such as the city of Amfissa, capital of the Fokida prefecture. The land of Delphi invites you to discover all her treasures as well as the open and cordial character of her people!

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Born in Delphi, Greece, i am an archaeologist and certified tourist guide for English, French and Greek speaking tours. I offer my services at the archaeological site of Delphi, the wider region and the rest of Greece.

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